Sunscreen Liquid Vs Powder Vs Spray

By Idalis Bailey

In these days it was at my favorite store to buy my products care routine of the skin, and it took me about 30 minutes by choosing a sunscreen that fits my needs. And is that it is sometimes difficult to choose which sunscreen to buy with so many options available in the market currently. The days when a cream SPF8 was her only option left behind, now you can compact your makeup with a powder SPF, use a lotion or even a formula of the spray of sun protection, and do not enter into the details of the different formulas that there are, that is another great world of options… Then, What kind of sunscreen is best for you?

  • Sunscreens liquids are easy to use, cheaper than others, and you can be secure that cover your skin evenly.
  • Sunscreen powder are excellent for placing in your handbag and easy to apply repeatedly; will Also work perfectly in oily and sensitive.
  • Spray is an excellent option for people who are in a hurry, and tends to be more transparent than the traditional options.

Regardless of what you use, make sure it’s as effective as your old formulas liquid in waiting.

The fact is that more important than any type of formula, is always use sunscreen in the first place, and make sure use all year round to not be exposed to too much sun.

¡Warning Skin Lovers!

What really matters is the method of application you use because mistakes can change the results of the sun protection, no matter what formula you are using:

  • In the case of sunscreens with lotion traditional, are easier to ensure that you really cover the whole face or body.
  • If you like the sunscreen spray, you must make sure that what you’re applying it correctly because it’s usually the middle of the spray ends up on the air instead of on the skin, so we recommend that you apply it interior to not let yourself be carried away by the wind. On the other hand, with this method you can reach difficult areas.
  • Although sunscreens powder are easy to secure as coverage of the lotions traditional, there can be used all over the body.
  • Also, try a formula with a little bit of pigment in bronze so you can see exactly where you applied the protector. Given that the sunscreen should be an important part of your daily routine, protect yourself from the sun with layers on the face, the frequent application is the key to effectiveness.

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