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Global Integral Beauty

The #1 platform for medical experts worldwide, offering visibility and opportunities for professional growth on a global scale.

Global Integral Beauty is an innovative and successful platform that is revolutionizing the health, wellness, and aesthetics industry with global brand strategies and connection opportunities for all professionals. Our goal is to be the best leaders in this industry, and we believe that our differences, including our passion, multidisciplinary work, professional ethics, nationality, background, unique experiences, and knowledge, are what make us the best.

Diversity and inclusion are deeply ingrained in the culture of Global Integral Beauty. We provide an environment where all colleagues, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the industry can be themselves, embrace their differences, and feel truly included. We take great pride in creating a supportive and thriving environment for our colleagues every day as we continue to evolve with the world.

Thanks to our innovative services, we have quickly become the number one platform that offers multiple brand benefits for both Hispanic and English-speaking professionals.

Idalis Bailey

Idalis Bailey, also known as Idalis Beauty Savvy, is a global leader in integral beauty and the CEO of Renew Esthetics Medical SPA, Idalis Beauty Savvy, and Global Integral Beauty. She is a Registered Nurse (RN) with an MBA in Marketing and is also a medically licensed skincare specialist in NY. Idalis is an international speaker in the health, well-being, and aesthetics industry and hosts the show “Hash Time with Idalis.” She is also the best-selling author of the book “Global Expert in Integral Beauty.”

The Best-selling “Global Integral Beauty Experts” book tells the experience of different health, wellness, and beauty professionals who share their stories and journeys in their own chapter to reach millions of people, establish credibility, and position themselves as Integral Beauty Experts.

Best Seller Book "Global Experts in Integral Beauty


We host monthly virtual networking events in Spanish and English where professionals from all over the world attend with the purpose of training in the health, wellness, and beauty sector and creating professional connections that allow them to obtain job opportunities and global brand positioning.

Our exclusive annual conference brings together international health, wellness, and beauty professionals with the aim of providing training on the latest trends in the market and offering services that meet the comprehensive needs of their patients. The conference is focused on "Integral Beauty" to ensure professionals are up-to-date on leading industry trends.

Annual International
Conference Integral Beauty

Global Integral Beauty Magazine

Global Integral Beauty is a specialized magazine covering current issues in health, well-being, and aesthetics. We are recognized by industry leaders internationally as a reference for innovation and training.

The Global Integral Beauty Experts Awards recognize the achievements of global leaders and professionals in the health, wellness, and aesthetics sector. The gala honors experts who have made exceptional contributions to the Integral Beauty industry through their trajectory and multidisciplinary work.


Professionals from around the world share their stories and the path to success.

Global Experts in Integral Beauty

The book aims to connect professionals globally who inspire and transform the global community of health, wellness, and professional aesthetics. 16 experts from different parts of the world share their stories and, through an interview, explain how they have overcome obstacles and achieved a successful and globally recognized career.
16 experts in the field of Health, Wellness, and Aesthetics share their experiences, narrate their career paths in each of the different professional specialties, and offer advice to new entrepreneurs in these fields.