Myths and Truths about the Peeling

By Idalis Bailey

The cold months are ideal to recover the skin from the damage of sun exposure in the summer, to help her in her cell renewal and improve its tone and texture, and el peel is one of the best options to achieve those results in the skin; however, many people are afraid to be applied peeling because of the poor information we have about the procedure, it is for this reason that today I come to break all those myths and provide information secure:

The peels are only used on the face.


Can be used on the face, neck, décolletage, arms, back, and backs of the hands

Peels can be combined with other aesthetic procedures.


The Peel treatments of botulinum toxin or fillers with hyaluronic acid and other treatments.

The peeling stain the skin.


On the contrary the peeling help to lighten blemishes, treat melasma, increase luminosity and improve the skin tone. Now, you should look for a beautician professional that will apply and follow their recommendations in order to avoid any side effect.

It is important to protect yourself from the sun after a chemical peel.


You should always use sun protection and the application of products to promote hydration and face hygiene

The peeling is performed once a year.


The number of sessions varies according to the condition to be treated, usually performed once or twice a month, and leaves to spend the time necessary for the recovery of the skin.

The type of peeling depends on several factors.


The type of peel to apply is based on the results that you seek.

The peels are for women only.


We all have a layer of dead cells on the skin, the peel removes this layer to increase the brightness and texture of the skin, among other properties. Therefore men and women can benefit from the peel

Any person can perform a chemical peel.


This procedure should be applied only by a professional who is the best person to determine which type of peel is more convenient. 

So if you suffer from pigmentation, fine lines, spots or acne, you should consider the peel and to stop believing as many myths.


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